Home Loan Counseling

Help families get maintain credit and manage finances

Home Loan Counseling Program – In community meetings residents complained of housing problems from the fact that families had to move every year or two as their rented homes were sold. They questioned why they were unable to buy their own homes even though they had jobs and enough income to pay rent that was equal to or more than a mortgage payment.

These families, along with STAND volunteers, professionals from private businesses, and community agencies began to meet on a regular basis to discuss such topics as credit reports, mechanics of home loans, government housing programs, debt payment, savings plans, and home shopping. In 1996 these meetings resulted in the creation of our Home Loan Counseling Program.

It is a community-based program, which uses group seminars, individualized coaching, and individualized home purchase assistance to get low-income families into their first homes.

Home Loan Counseling

Our Promise –We will not make it easy for you. Buying a house is hard and you have to learn it. But, we will work with you as long as it takes to buy a house, and we will make sure that you get the best deal on a home loan and a home. Give us a call to schedule your session 209-937-7625.

What you can expect.

  • We hold “Home Loan Counseling” Workshops as needed and on request. We can do one-on-one Workshops for your family.
  • We explain all the factors that lenders look for in first time homebuyers; income, credit, debts, cash, 2 year residence history and 2 year employment history.
  • We will examine your credit, and advise you how to repair any problems and how to get your credit score up
  • We explain the various programs that help first time and low-income buyers.
  • We show you what is available in homes on the market and what you can expect to pay for the type of house you want.
  • We will analyze your financial status to show your family what you can afford, what you will expect to pay per month, and how much cash you will need.


Documents you will need to have ready.

• Taxes with W2’s for the last two (2) years.
• Recent Check stub for each job worked this year.
• If income from SSI, SSA, DISABILITY, or RETIREMENT, then a copy of the Award Letter and copy of recent check, if not Direct Deposit.
• If Child Support and/or Alimony Income, then copy of court order.
• Bank Statements, recent, for all accounts.
• I.D: Drivers License, SSI Card, or Resident alien card (green card).