With family monthly income as low as $1,750 you can buy a home.

Income can be from:
Salary, wages, part-time and seasonal work, SSI, Retirement, Welfare Foster Care, Child Support, Alimony, Disability, Gifts, and others.

Food stamps can not be used as income as of 1997.


We help you improve your credit and increase your score. Most all of our successful home buying families started with fair-to-bad credit or no credit. With a little work we can help you enhance that credit and get a house.

Collections, judgments, charge-offs, liens; in most cases do have to be paid off prior to ownership.


All of our successful families spend between $250 and $1,750 total cash to get a home, depending on family income and the house purchased. That is total cash, including down payment and all loan closing costs.

Home Loans

1st Mortgage
We will pre-qualify you for a Class A Mortgage Loan. Typically a fixed rate loan with CalHFA (a State agency that helps low-income home buyers), who has the lowest interest rate possible. This gives the low monthly payment that your family can afford. Then we will lead you through the final loan process when you are ready to buy.

2nd Mortgage
For income qualified low-income families we can get you a San Joaquin County or City of Stockton downpayment assistance loan for up to $80,000. These 2nd loans greatly lower your monthly payment, and eliminate the need for you to make a large cash down payment.

Government and Lender Program

Neighborhood Stabilization Programs from:
City of Stockton, San Joaquin County, CalHFA, and Lender grant programs.

We have in-depth knowledge of the different housing programs and will make sure you take full advantage of these, based on the needs of your family