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STAND is a group of residents working together in our South East Stockton neighborhood centered at Airport Way and East 8th Street. Since 1991 we have worked to make our neighborhood of minority and low-income residents a safer and more desirable place to live.

We advocate and coordinate Community Policing in our area. In 1991 the crack cocaine epidemic plagued us. The crime, drugs and gangs were rampant. Together with the Police Department we started Community Policing and lowered crime 80%. We take resident’s complaints and proactively deal with their crime related problem until it is resolved. For community meeting times, go to the Community Policing section in the Our Services tab.

We created the Affordable Housing Program. While cleaning up crime, we learned that the slumlords that provide housing to addicts and dealers are an equal part of the crime problem.

  • We buy single family blighted houses, fully rehabilitate them and sell them to low and moderating income families. See our list of available homes for sale here.
  • We do Home Loan Counseling with first time home buyers.
  • We have five homes available as rentals. See the rental tab for a list here.
  • We own three apartment building that we rent to very low income families.

Our board organizes many youth activities and other community events in the neighborhood; such as youth basketball camps and leagues, a Christmas tree lighting project that covers over 30 blocks of street trees, Easter Day event, crab feeds, Mother and Sons breakfast, and many more activities. See the Community Outreach tab for more details.

STAND helps prospective home buyers in San Joaquin County.

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