Grand Jury Report on South Stockton,  5-13-15

South Stockton Quality of Life

South Stockton, comprising an area generally south of the Crosstown freeway but excluding Weston Ranch,
has an estimated population approaching 100,000 residents. The Grand Jury initiated an investigation of that area prompted by a guided tour and the review of a series of newspaper articles highlighting the issues and the effects of long term neglect of the area. South Stockton suffers from extensive blight, poverty, deteriorating housing, slumlord residential ownership, and vacant lots, a lack of neighborhood services, and widespread drug dealing and crime.

Among the findings of the Grand Jury are:

  • South Stockton, for many years, has been neglected and underserved by the City
  • People outside and inside South Stockton perceive the area being an unsafe place to do business, shop or live
  • Code enforcement is inadequately staffed to deal with the problems of South Stockton, enforcement is reactive rather than proactive

Among the recommendations of the Grand Jury are:

  • City resources should be equitably distributed based on the needs of each City Council district
  • The City, in its present and future budgets, should provide the necessary resources to increase the staff of both Code Enforcement and Stockton Police Department (SPD) necessary to adequately address the longstanding neglect affecting South Stockton

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